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Our Company




ABACUS FORWARDING is the operator in logistics in the field of international transport forwarding and FTA. Company was found in the end of 2008 for presenting full products flow service to big Russian manufacturers.

Unofficially but seriously

Many people remember the world economic crisis in 2008 which influenced the work of the most enterprises. Our young company faced the choice "sink or swim". We chose swimming. But swimming not seeing the shores and aim was a blind alley job. We made up a decision to offer the logistics products of the kind our customers would demand in the new market conditions. Nowadays the main trend of our activities is a complex forwarding service for foreign trade transactions.

The balance of high competence and our employees' youth guarantees agility in rendering services, flexibility in searching of alternative solutions and aspiration to reach newer heights.

Our mission. Great goal

In the process of our activities we notice how our customers' business grows and develops. Our contribution to this development is not so obvious but essential.

Products assortment enlargement, new shops and restaurants coming into operation, production and sales volume increase – these are not all the tasks our customers work on daily.

We take the responsibility for the whole range of foreign trade transactions holding the functions of more than three departments as minimum – purchase, logistics and FTA. Entrusting us with this work our customers optimize their expenditures and precious time resource needed for finding solutions for high-priority and strategic tasks of their business.

Together we produce high quality product with love and respect to a Russian consumer.


The cargo size and the distance it's located influence the optimal shipment route choice only.

 You set the task – we find the solution.

The more complicated your task, the more interesting our work is.